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LoRaWAN® distance world record broken, twice. 766 km (476 miles) using 25mW transmission power

After almost 2 years, the world record of 702 km (436 miles) has been broken. Not once but twice. For a long time this record which was set on 26th of August 2017, seemed nearly impossible to break, until the Servet IV mission was launched. On 13th of July 2019, the record was broken by 39 km, setting a new record distance of 741 km. Interestingly, this record only held for 5 hours as another new world record was set with an astonishing distance of 766 km (476 miles).

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Why Tesla won’t use LiDAR for full self-driving cars

Agreed, LiDAR is not ideal for a vehicle moving on a permanent roadway. What is equally questionable is why invest in outfitting hundreds of millions of vehicles, individually with machine intelligence surpassing many combat aircraft.

A far better strategy is a national standard for intelligent roadways that is adaptive, flexible, semi-permanent, resilient, repairable.

Make the network of roads smartest and the cars and trucks a lot dumber and affordable for more people, sooner than later.