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The OccultAlloy RoadEdge SmartGrid to SmartRoad Ecosystem for Semi-Permanently installation offers a socio-economically and environmentally responsible means of providing wireless, high-energy potential, primary motive energy for private, commercial, industrial, municipal, military vehicles.

The RoadEdge Modular Array is conceptualized as an adaptive, semi-permanent system for installation in new purpose built cyberphysical roadways as well as alongside existing roads, swiftly accommodating demand-driven changes of demographics, special events, seasonal weather, and emergencies.


Power Beaming- Phase 3 | USNRL

The Power Transmitted Over Laser (PTROL) project safely and wirelessly transmits energy to a specific receiver. This has been a multi-year project. Phase III demonstrated PTROL is on the path to mount a receiver that’s light enough and powerful enough to be flown on a drone. Power beaming is undetectable by the human eye, quiet, and portable, three features making it amenable to many applications.