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The OccultAlloy RoadEdge SmartGrid to SmartRoad Ecosystem for Semi-Permanently installation offers a socio-economically and environmentally responsible means of providing wireless, high energy potential, primary motive energy for private, commercial, industrial, municipal, military vehicles. The RoadEdge Modular Array is conceptualized as an adaptive, semi-permanent system for installation in new purpose built cyberphysical roadways as well as alongside existing roads, swiftly accommodating demand-driven changes of demographics, special events, seasonal weather, and emergencies.


Power Beaming- Phase 3 | USNRL

The Power Transmitted Over Laser (PTROL) project safely and wirelessly transmits energy to a specific receiver. This has been a multi-year project. Phase III demonstrated PTROL is on the path to mount a receiver that’s light enough and powerful enough to be flown on a drone. Power beaming is undetectable by the human eye, quiet, and portable, three features making it amenable to many applications.