“You never change something by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
R. Buckminster Fuller

Now Forming: A Novel Co-Operative Intentional Community
You are invited to join The Trust Circle to engage and donate your valuable time, talent, and treasure in founding a unique vision of Live-Learn-Make Intentional Community that is adaptive, resilient, sustainable and self-supporting.

Systemic problems demand systemic solutions, a paradigm shift that can’t be fit into the cultural shorthand of an elevator pitch or a meme; while open to all, this multi-stakeholder cooperative union is deliberately centred on the equality and equity of deliberately disenfranchised Trans and Gender Non-Conforming BIPOC struggling to thrive beyond oppression by law and custom.

Civil Rights leader, Ella Baker, once declared “Strong people do not need strong leaders”; we are governed by principles, not personalities, a collectivist society empowered by social-ecological modelling and sociocratic decision support. This includes transparent, open, public accountability aided in part by incorporation as a Public Benefit/Social Purpose Corporation (B-Corp).

This practical engine of co-operative capital has an integral non-profit live-work zoned campus, a reinvented social infrastructure for radically reducing community businesses’ cost of operation and community members’ costs of living, provisioning lifelong education, skills development, cohousing, transportation, healthcare, and recreation ― resources even the most fortunate BIPOC/LGBTQ+ can face discrimination trying to access.

Our first resident business is Síofra Tech Cooperative for Social & Technological Innovation in Performing Arts, what we call Peripheral Magic and Illusion, or in the words of the great Florence Ambrose, Technical Engineer, Starship Savage Chicken, “Any technology, no matter how primitive, is magic to those who don’t understand it”.

Our two-pronged strategy:
A. Incorporation of the for-profit worker cooperative and non-profit Live-Work campus.
B. Complete the productionalization and alternative marketing system for our first product family.
Click the image below to donate to the Incept Fund, and for more details, hit the menu’s About.