Congestion cost U.S. drivers nearly $305 billion in 2017, an average of $1,445 per driver according to the 2017 INRIX Global Traffic Scorecard that provided a data-rich evaluation of urban travel, traffic health, and vibrancy for over 1,360 cities around the world.

No electric vehicle battery system within the financial means of the average patron, be it current or proposed, can provide the security enjoyed by billions of people using live current delivered from the grid to their places of work, homes, city streets, and sports events.

William C. Brown demonstrated wireless power transfer some decades ago by successfully building and launching an electric-powered scale model helicopter that was energized by converting beamed energy to live current via what is called a rectenna.

OccultΛlloy | ɌoadΞdǥe Шireless SmartǤrid Technology is the introduction of safe nearfield and midfield beamed energy transfer. Initially distributing power in the form of microwaves, we will enable a range of robust mobile applications from Mass Transport with High Personal Relevance to Mission-Critical Suborbital Transport Shuttlecraft, Wildfire Suppression to Emergency Mass Evacuation.

Please follow this narrative and learn how the OccultΛlloy mission of Fleet Réalta Cooperatives intends to repurpose mass transportation, through a form of secure, wireless power transfer that is delivered in ways that are situationally relevant to the lives of our compatriots in community.

Service with Relevance that is assured by their continuous, collaborative action – research, design, development, and delivery. This means better-informed planning, resulting in unprecedented degree and quality within their control. Through progressive levels of automation almost entirely at the patron’s discretion, we will restore social infrastructure to a degree of personal human contact and accommodation, too long absent from community and commercial services.